Domain name transfer takes how long time? (Own Experiences)

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The thing I’m blogging about today is ‘how long does it usually take to a Domain Name Transfer?’

Domain transfer refers to the transfer of one’s domain name from one Domain Provider site to another. Domain transfers are often required for a variety of reasons, the most common of which are:

Common Reason for Domain Name Transfer

  1. For improved service.
  2. For trusted domain service providers.
  3. When the domain expires.

There are three common reasons why users change their domain name service providers. Today I will share my own experience of how long it actually takes to transfer a domain name and I will share it with you with a screenshot of my email so that you can find out the truth.

I applied for the transfer of the domain name of this site i.e. to After I applied, I paid them, and immediately I got a Mail where all the details of my application are mentioned. If you look at the picture below, you will understand that I received the email on 26 May 2020.


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This mail contain my Domain name order details

But still, my domain name is not under Namecheap. I entered the Dashboard of my Namecheap and saw that it was written below my domain “The previous registrar was telling me to wait for the domain release.”

Then I was a little hesitant to go to the previous service provider to do something, I went to the Live Chat of Namecheap and asked them about it, they told me that

“everything is fine and this process will take a maximum of 7 days. It’s an automatic process where you don’t have to do anything.”

It really took me 7 days to complete the domain transfer. There is an organization called ICANN. This organization is basically the driver of every domain name in the world. They take some time to complete the transfer of the domain properly.

If you want to know about ICANN organization just click here

I received my next email on June 1, 2020 where Namecheap confirmed to me that your domain has been completely transferred. You can see the authenticity of the email below.

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This mail contain ‘Domain Name Transfer Complete’ information

However, for your convenience, it is better to say that there is an option of Manual Domain Name Release for domain transfer of with which you can release your domain within an hour. The Godaddy Manual Domain Release medium will only work when the domain name on Godaddy is transferred to another domain provider.

Finally, I told you from my experience that it took a total of 7 days for my own domain name to be fully transferred. I have registered my domain from Namecheap, you may have another provider, but you have to have a minimum of 7 days to fully transfer the domain from you.

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